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Vitamin Also Need to Keep Water Plants Lush and Beautiful

Tuesday, June 18 2013

Water plant is a decorative element that can beautify your home pool. Because living adjacent to water, aquatic plants certainly do not need to be watered.However, aquatic plants also need to be treated. The plant still needs vitamins to prevent rapid death and still looks good.

Water Plants For Your Pond
Water plants also needs to be given vitamin. The trick is then smeared on tissue vitamin, then transplanting the tissue into the mud in order to absorb the vitamin into the mud. Plant roots will absorb the vitamins contained in the mud. Also, make sure your pool is exposed to the sun, because the water plant will easily die if it is less exposed to the sun.

Royal Hawaiian Water Plant
In addition, the Roots
Water plants  also need to be considered. Rejuvenation of root crops need water once every 6 months. The trick, cut the roots of aquatic plants are likely to meet the pool, especially when it is already too long.

Water Plant Hardy Lily White And Pink

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