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This Unique Chair is Called Alligator Banquet Chair and Alligator Sofa

Monday, August 19 2013

What is unique about Brazil? In addition to dance Samba and football, the country famous for its local resources. One of these raw material seats. Fernando and Humberto Campana is the seat of the doll-shaped design crocodile. Both create Alligator Banquet Chair and Alligator Sofa. They work closely with local nongovernmental organizations, Orientvida. This is a craftsman seat underprivileged women. They make dolls crocodile to finance his life.
Alligator Sofa Set  by Campana
The seats were almost identical in fact been made ??by the Campana brothers in 2004 under the name Alligator Sofa . In addition, the Campana brothers also been made ??chair of various stuffed animals cute in 2002.

Campana Brothers Concept Alligator Chair  Design
Alligator Sofa
Design  addition, the Campana Brothers also made ??some new collection is no less unique. Not only the seats, they also make a bookshelf named Boca Shelf, Racket Chair, and Racket Chair and Screen.

Alligator Armchair  Design
Boca Shelf got its name from the word boca which describes the movement of the lips wide open. Aperture lips This serves as a repository for books. Racket Chair and Racket Chair and Screen can be predictable from its name. This chair made ??from woven nylon as backrest and seat. Rests looks like dream cather. Racket Chair and Screen has a backrest that is much larger than the Racket Chair.

Unique Brown Alligator Chair Humberto Campana

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Campana Brothers Concept Alligator Sofa DesignCampana Brothers Concept Amazing Alligator Sofa DesignAlligator Sofa Set  by CampanaUnique Brown Alligator Chair Humberto CampanaCampana Brothers Concept Unique Alligator Sofa DesignLarge Alligator Chair by Humberto CampanaCampana Brothers Concept Alligator Chair  DesignUnique Alligator Sofa by Humberto Campana BrothersAlligator Chair by Campana BrothersAlligator  Sofa & Chair Design By Campana BrothersCampana Alligator Banquete Chair MCAlligator Armchair  Design