Friday, February 15, 2019

The Planning Concept of Healthy Kitchen Design

Healthy kitchen is not only related to the cooked food, but is also concerned with the design, furniture and layout of the kitchen itself to obtain a healthy kitchen design combination. Proper arrangement of kitchen furniture with attention to health aspects of air circulation and will contribute to the Healthy Kitchen. On this occasion, we would... (more...)

Minimalist Home Style Able to Eliminate Saturation Wear Many Ornaments

Minimalist Philosophy represents a practical lifestyle, dynamic, concise, effective and efficient, which is applied in all aspects of life, including house building architecture, interior and exterior home park. Collaboration minimalist house and garden into the media of communication between architecture and landscape, in contrast, hard-soft, stiff-soft,... (more...)

Minimalist Garden Design Makes the House Look More Luxurious and Elegant

The existence of the garden makes the house look more luxurious and elegant. Often homes that do not have a garden because the rest of the land is narrow. Coupled with the busyness of the owner of the house, which makes it not want to be too busy taking care of the garden and plants. In fact, plants that were in our house, either indoors or outdoors... (more...)