Friday, December 14, 2018

Designing Your Dining Room with Contemporary Dining Table

Surely we have often heard the word contemporary and certainly not the least among us who think that contemporary art is one of the streams. Contemporary art is actually not a stream like a minimalist, traditional, eco (which is being promoted in many countries), etc.. Contemporary words can be interpreted as something that is a trend and liked by many... (more...)

Some Things You Should Know About The Glass Fence House

 An exterior fence that not only serves as a protective barrier and a residential area. However, its presence is also able to create an impression that can support the aesthetic beauty of the house. Fences are usually made ??of materials such as metal, wood, natural stone, or concrete fence. However, there is also derived from the Glass Fence. Making... (more...)

An Expansion Contemporary Unique Wooden Box House Interior By Daniel Fügenschuh

The house is located in Inssbruck, Austria, at a glance, looks like a house around it, which has three floors and measuring nearly uniform. However, if considered in more detail, this home is actually stores its own uniqueness. The spaces in this house feels more spacious. In addition to its light color of the wood in the Unique Home Interior , the... (more...)