Saturday, February 16, 2019

Tips for Taking Care of The Gold and Silver Ornaments

Decorating the home with decor items made ??of gold and silver can provide its own prestige for the owner. However , without proper care , Gold and Silver Ornaments can easily dull . Consider the following way : Decoration and Gold  Ornaments The first step , prepare a container that can hold your gold ornaments and jewelry . Enter the warm water... (more...)

How to Clean A Beautiful Mirror with Cucumber and Toothpaste.

Cucumbers are not just good to eat as fresh vegetables. Toothpaste was so, not only be cleaning your teeth. Both have other properties, namely cleaning  Beautiful Mirror. Have tried both as cleaning the mirrors in your house getting dull?. Consider the following tips below: Processing step using cucumber: Cut the cucumber into pieces, then rub the... (more...)