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Some Things You Should Know About The Glass Fence House

Wednesday, September 4 2013

 An exterior fence that not only serves as a protective barrier and a residential area. However, its presence is also able to create an impression that can support the aesthetic beauty of the house. Fences are usually made ??of materials such as metal, wood, natural stone, or concrete fence. However, there is also derived from the Glass Fence. Making glass as material selection for making the fence is not an impossible thing. Transparent nature of the glass making the house more visible and exposed from the outside. This course will be very beneficial for the home, who has a green garden and beautiful.

Balcony Glass Fence White House
Here are some things about the fence of glass matrial:

1. Very fragile nature of the glass does not reduce its function as protector of the house because when using glass railings so people who are intending to enter and steal at home will not be able to climb the glass fence.

2. Things to note from the manufacture of  Glass Fencing is we have to use a kind of tempered glass with a minimum thickness of 8mm12mm. This is to strengthen the fence and not dangerous when broken or cracked.

Expert Frameless Glass Pool Fencing
3. To bind the glass so that it can stand upright, use tongs shaped U is placed on the order form masonry, reinforced concrete, aluminum, and stainless steel. This brace was given a layer of rubber or sealent which serves to dampen vibrations in the glass until the glass can reduce the risk of broken or cracked.

4. The Glass Fence also should be installed at a tinggi of 130-140 cm glass to prevent scratching or hit by hard objects that float when there are vehicles passing from the front of the house. If you are interested, you can try to choose glass as a material fence at your home.

Modern Bamboo House Design With Outdoor Dining Room Adorned  Lighting And Glass Fence


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