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Kitchen Design Trends 2014 with Countertop from Quartz And Black Granite

Thursday, December 19 2013

Every year the trends are always changing, not least for the kitchen design trends. Like a report released by a site, kitchen trends for 2014 will surprise you. Because the Kitchen Design Trends next year to focus more on the elements rather than decorative and aesthetic functions. The decorative elements regarding countertop materials, how the arrangement and storage of goods, as well as the color of the walls. Countertop material that will be widely used it is expected to include quartz and granite black.

Mystic Black Kitchen Design

Based on the results of a survey involving more than 2,000 respondents about Materials Kitchen Design Trends , both of these materials will provide a luxurious finishing, looks like leather. Countertop that looks dark, almost black, will look special with light colored kitchen cabinets, for example, light gray or white.

Kitchen Countertop With Black Granit

In the meantime, the way of structuring, face kitchens will use open shelves. The survey said the old kitchens are also likely to be updated and to have this kind of storage place. Finally, the trend next year will be “spinning” around the dark colors. Kitchen no longer have light colored.

Kitchen Countertops With Quartz And Dark Granite

As the results of this survey, respondents name the colors of black, dark brown, dark red, and copper color as the color they want in their kitchen renovation. If you want to follow the trend continues, the designer recommends one you just coloring the kitchen walls with dark colors. You can also color the ceiling or floor with a dark color. The rest, use light colors so that the kitchen does not feel crowded and too dark. You are ready to welcome the changing of Kitchen Design Trends in 2014 ?

Kitchen Design With Granite Countertops And Blue Louise Westwood

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