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How to Make Cut Flowers Fresh Longer

Wednesday, June 5 2013

Flowers are often the choice to beautify the room. Many people choose to use plastic flowers (artificial). The flowers will not wilt, the treatment was more practical. However, there is no harm in certain moments, try ornamental or room with Flower Fresh cut flowers.

Beautiful Spring Cut Flower Fresh
Cut Flowers
Fresh have a more natural look as well as beautiful and fragrant. Each has a life cycle of fresh flowers each, depending on the species. Usually between 2 and 20 days. With proper care, fresh flowers can look fresh for longer, at least not during the life cycle.

How To Make Your Cut Flowers Fresh Longer : Bougenvile
1. After being cut or purchased from the florist, immediately place the flowers in a vase of water. Fill the vase with water to about 2/3 part vase. Almost all fresh flowers need water. In one day, the flowers can absorb water up to a quarter of the size of the vase being used.
2. Fresh Flower Petals spray with water, at least three times a day.
3. Do not let the dirty water in the vase. Be diligent to do the replacement. Cut the tip of the flower stalk slightly every time the replacement water.

Tropical Cut Flower Fresh in Box Glas Vas
4. Give a little salt in the water. Salt can make fresh flowers last longer.
5. Avoid flowers out of direct sunlight. Keep also of objects that emit heat. The heat can cause dehydration so quickly dried and withered flowers.
6. Discard the leaves or stems are wilting and yellowing. This is done to avoid the growth of bacteria  so Cut  Flowers
Fresh Longer.

Yellow Roses Cut Fresh in Glass Vas

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