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How to Care for Indoor Home Garden Plants with Properly Maintenance ( Part 3)

Wednesday, April 11 2018

After we follow the discussion of how to Care for Indoor Home Garden Plants with properly maintenance in the first and second part, we enter in the last section that is in the third part. In this section we will discuss how to clean plants and the placement of plants especially those grown in pots, in relation to air circulation.

In the cleaning phase, first you have to do is clean the dust that sticks to the plant. Over time, the dust will stick to the plants in your room. This attached dust can reduce the natural beauty of the plant and inhibit the growth of plants because the dust that clogs the pores that exist on the leaves. Therefore, it is important for you to clean the dust on your Indoor Home Gardens Plants Regularly. You can clean your plants in two ways, depending on the size of your plant: clean it or wipe its leaves with a washcloth, or clean it in the sink or under the water. If you choose to clean it with a cloth rag, make a mixture of warm water and dish soap or soap first. Dip a cloth or clean patch on the mixture and then carefully clean the leaves of your plant from the dust that sticks. If you choose to clean it directly under the water stream, take your plants to the sink and then use warm water from your tap. Carefully clean the leaves of the plant from the dust by using your hands or a clean cloth.

The first one you can clean the plants that are small under the water flow directly, but make sure not to pot too much water. In addition there are several brands of plant cleaning sprays available on the market. You can use it to clean your plants from the dust that sticks.

Next keep your plants away from air circulation sources. The indoor humidity level tends to be lower than the humidity level outside the home. Indoor Home Gardens Plants will usually dry out due to lack of air humidity. Although you can prevent the dryness of the plants by regular watering, the source of the problem that causes the dryness of the plant lies precisely in the laying of plants close to the source of air circulation. Constant flow of air, whether generated from space heating or room air conditioning, can make your plant leaves dry and eventually the plants die. To fix this, you just need to keep your plants away from the air circulation sources in the room. You can also put the indoor air humidifier in the room to increase the humidity of the room air.

So the discussion about How to Care for Indoor Home Garden Plants with properly maintenance we have finished thoroughly in three parts. Next please wait for our other interesting articles about home garden and home interior.

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