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House Interior Look Beautiful and Natural with Bamboo Flooring

Friday, January 18 2013

Intend to try to warm the room with natural? Try it with bamboo flooring. The material can be applied in the living room floor, family room, dining room or bedroom. It’s no secret bamboo is widely used as a building material. Because of the sophistication of the technology, successfully developed bamboo as a material in the form of parquet flooring. Bamboo product is then finished with a substance that can be dried perfectly with ultraviolet light. Once finished surface finishing, Bamboo Flooring will be more smooth and comfortable to stand on.

Flooring Remodel Another Living Room With Bamboo

Color Bamboo Flooring is usually fixed as the original light yellow color. However, several variants have been created as a light brown color, dark brown, and darker colors. Its size also varied 100 x 12.6 x 1.7 inches or 96 x 1.4 centimeters.

Bamboo Flooring Installed Living Room

Natural Bamboo Flooring should be used for the interior because less resistant to water. The surface is not too slippery so it is safer during an impact. Because less scratch resistant, preferably a table or chair leg rubber fitted.

Beautiful Transformation Of A Florida Kitchen With Bamboo Flooring

Material for this floor can expand and shrink, depending on the room temperature. Therefore, give the area a little wiggle room as empty as Bamboo Installation in order to expand. For maintenance, simply wipe with a soft fluffy broom, vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth.


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