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Here Some Things That Cause Your Lamp Easily Damaged

Saturday, December 6 2014

Recent energy Saving Lamps were chosen over incandescent bulbs that have been banned in several countries in the world. However, this kind of lights are often considered less durable. The reason, have not been used, the lamp is damaged. So, what causes rapid deterioration lights? Here is his review:

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** Voltage
Common causes of damage to the lamp is the voltage that often go up and down. Frequent power cuts have also contributed to damaging light and other electronic devices.

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      **  The House Lamp
Use of the wrong lamp house is one of the causes of rapid deterioration bulb. Many people use the same lamp housing, for the type of light that is different. Though not necessarily used bulb fits with the house lights. The house lights embedded in the ceiling for example, are usually equipped with a reflector on the inside. Its function is to make the light brighter. For home lighting like this, you have to take into account of the power. The house lights like this store may even reflect the heat. As a result, the lamp can be easily damaged even broken, because the space inside the house lights are too hot.

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      **  Lamp Quality

Use lights that have the label good quality standards. Products that have this label, usually have passed the quality test in the laboratory. The lights are not equipped with this label, is not guaranteed good quality.

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** Bulk Products
Although the lights are made by reputable manufacturers, the bulb remains a mass product. That is, there must be a poor product in the manufacturing process. For that, look for stores that provide a warranty for The Lamp you buy.

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