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“H-House” : Unique and Modern House in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Wednesday, January 16 2013

“H-House”, is a small house in Seongbuk-dong street, in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea, this looks like a stack of multiple beams. Many unique addition to standing on sloping land. In addition to the unique shape, the story behind this building can invite admiration of people who see it. However, though it looks Unique and Modern House, the building is dedicated to several generations as generally a typical Asian family. The house on the land area is 403.56 square meters designed by BANG by MIN, an architecture firm based in South Korea. Standing on sloping ground, the front of the “H-House” is lower by about 8 feet from the back.

H House By Sae Min Oh In Seoul's Seongbuk Dong
The difference in elevation of the land was initially able to cause problems at the design stage. However, this later became a unique characteristic. In addition to the land, the architect also had to experience problems when it comes to fulfilling the wishes of the client. This homeowner wanted a home that can last for three generations. He wants her to harness sunlight to the maximum, and has air circulation system in the basement floor (basement) and on the first floor.

First of all, the architect must design a space that can accommodate three generations under one roof. Third generation should have their own privacy. To answer these challenges, Oh made the second floor as the chamber liaison. Space connecting the three floors of the house. Oh also share a family room on the second floor into three levels, each level is used by a family. Levels are open, but with different tinggis, each family can still feel a lack of privacy. In addition, the use of folding doors and walls Removable making space can be shaped as Desired House.

H House By Bang By Min

Second, the sun should be able to fulfill this house. In addition, air circulation should also be functioning properly. Prior to “H-House”, this house has a problem because of the lack of sunlight and poor air circulation inside. In the process of restoration, the architect put the garden that connects from the lower floor to the top of the house so as to make the whole building into light.

H House  By Bang By Min
Finally, the architect of a desire finished homeowner issues, which have commercial space. Basement plans to rent as a place to sell. The space is located on the lower ground floor is expected to get a lot of attention because of the Unique Shape.

H House By Bang By Min

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