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Greet Guests with a Unique Door Mat

Sunday, July 21 2013

Who would have thought, a few simple things in the area of ??the door is a determinant of your family image in the eyes of guests and neighbors. Such as house numbers, lighting, windows, fences, and even Doormats are the first things to be noticed by them.

Original Star Door Mat

Detailed able to separate between the “main building” and “extra space”. Placement details in and around the house not only gives the characters, but also a kind of marker of the dynamics in the house. Greet your guests by putting the words on The Mat.

Compare Hand Carved Door Mat

Here are some tips to make the mat “welcome”:
For some people, Coir Door Mats an appropriate solution is placed in front of the house. In addition to a strong and able to clean the soles of shoes, coir doormats are also relatively inexpensive and available in a variety of sizes. Unfortunately, this kind of mat often looks ugly and boring. To “outsmart” him, gave a simple greeting words such as “Hola” on the surface of the mat.

Unique Hola Doormat  You need a coir mat, acrylic paints, sponges for paint, adhesive vinyl, cutter and duct tape. Make a vinyl sheet mold “Hola”. After that, place the sheet on the Surface The Mat. To be unique, put the writing on the lower right side. Alternatively, you can also put it right in the middle of the mat. Despite adhesive, reinforced again by using masking tape or duct tape in order for you to paint, mold was not moving. Use a sponge to wipe acrylic paint over the mat. Perform the movement from the outside to the inside so that the paint does not widen. Let it dry a day and mat ready for use.

Whitehall Personalized Pineapple Door Mat
Besides coir doormat, you can also use as a sweetener Wood Door Mat doors. To make a wooden mat, you need wood flooring that is used to make floor patio or deck in the yard. Stores or supermarkets building materials and furnishings provide this kind of floor. In the back of each floor there is a hook, so you can easily install between one part and another.

River Stone Door Mat Design

Ornamental deck with solder. If you are afraid to make mistakes, make prints on paper first. After that, go back to the drawing using pencil on wood. Press the pencil when drawing. After that, make bold again using solder. You can Coloring Mat Wood, or let it look natural.

The Enter Key Door Mat
If you feel no need of  Heavy Duty Mat, you can use the mat with the same material as the carpet. Choose a plain mini rugs with the color you want. Prepare the spray paint, sticker letters, and duct tape. Use stickers and duct tape as a mold. Give color with spray paint on the surface of the mat. Be careful, if you sprayed too much paint on one piece, the color will be different from the other parts.

The Unique Fredrick Moustache Door Mat 'stache Your Shoes

Lastly, you can make a “mini cloud” in front of your home by using a doormat. Choose Thin Mat that you can find in the store. Make prints using crayons or colored pencils sewing and bowls to get the cloud shape. Cut the fabric with scissors, and do not forget to seal the edges with stitches or with fire.

Unique Patio Stone Door Mat

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