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Designing A Laundry Room Into A Multi Function Room

Tuesday, July 23 2013

Has a bedroom and bathroom is certainly important to the residents of the house. However, the second room was the case in the spaces of “extras” such as a laundry room. Because it is seen as less necessary, many people incorporate the use of other spaces for washing. For those who wash clothes by hand, the bathroom can be “converted” as A Laundry Room. On the other hand, for those who use the washing machine, general spaces such as garages can be a “target” dual function space. Garages are no longer only used as a vehicle to save space, but also a place to wash.

Modern Laundry Room Design

Actually, there’s no harm in combining two different functions in one room. As mentioned earlier, the garage and The Laundry Room is often combined together. However, if considered in more detail, the actual laundry room also need a special room like other rooms. Moreover, if the number of daily laundry pretty much. Merging the two functions of the room was certainly legitimate. But, there’s no harm in trying to promote the interests of laundry room design first.

Interesting Laundry Room Ideas With Ikea Furniture

In addition to the laundry room, this room can also be used for other purposes in order to increase its function. For example, you can use it as a sewing room, or can also install special tub for bathing pets. However, make sure you use tiles to cover  your Laundry Room Area. Do not need the whole room, but quite on the floor and some walls. It is useful to help you clean the rest of the water and soap after washing.

Laundry Room Storage, Organization and Inspiration

In addition to incorporating several additional functions in the laundry room, you can also make the laundry room more comfortable for your body. If you have a washing machine “opening” side, make a place to put the washer floor is higher than the surface of the floor. Functions that you do not need to frequently bend. Second, make sure there is water in the floor drain (floor drain). Not only useful if at any time the water in your laundry room overflowing, but also fit for clean-up activities everyday. If necessary, you can also put the ironing board and clothes hanging space in the Laundry Rooms.

Laundry Room Interior Design Ideas

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