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Craete Blue Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Sleep More Soundly

Sunday, June 16 2013

A lot of work, stress, or too tired, can cause you to have trouble sleeping. If you find it difficult to sleep, there are several ways to overcome them, for example with a cup of warm milk, disposable blankets, or aromatherapy. But did you know that there are other ways that could be easier to make your sleep more soundly.  Blue Bedroom Wall is one solution. Holistic therapist and interior design consultant, Suzy Chiazzari, revealing that the bedroom light and color affect the quality and quantity of sleep every night.

Beautiful Blue Bedroom Designs

According to one study, application of  Blue Bedroom Color Ideas in the  would make sense to be more calm, slow the heart rate and reduce blood pressure. Research involving 2,000 respondents also revealed that respondents who had turned blue painted bedroom can sleep more soundly for eight hours a night. The next morning, they can also wake up feeling happy and positive thoughts.

Fancy Blue Bedroom with White Rug and Wooden Floor Design

If the Blue  Bedroom Color   is the best option, then the colors should be avoided in the bedroom is the color purple, gray, and brown. Dark colors are not recommended because it is considered too bleak and depressing. The color purple was impressed luxurious and elegant, but has a strong relationship with a person’s subconscious. This color will stimulate creativity in the subconscious that makes you feel tired in the morning, and nightmares at night.

Awesome Blue Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Not only that, the color room will also affect the frequency of sex among couples. According to this survey, which has a pair of caramel-colored room can make love three times a week. However, those who sleep in the bedroom red usually only have sex once a week. Each color was also affect the length of your sleep. The blue color will help you to sleep for seven hours 52 minutes, yellow for seven hours and 40 minutes, and green for seven hours 36 minutes. While the silver color helps you sleep for seven hours 33 minutes, orange for seven hours 28 minutes, the red for six hours 58 minutes, gold for six hours 43 minutes, the gray for six hours 12 minutes, brown for six hours five minutes, and purple for five hours 56 minutes. Do not delay to implement the Blue Bedroom Ideas in your home.

Trends Blue Bedroom Color and White Rugs Design

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