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How to Care for Indoor Home Garden Plants with Properly Maintenance ( Part 3)

After we follow the discussion of how to Care for Indoor Home Garden Plants with properly maintenance in the first and second part, we enter in the last section that is in the third part. In this section we will discuss how to clean plants and the placement of plants especially those grown in pots, in relation to air circulation. In the cleaning phase,... [Read more of this article]

How to Care for Indoor Home Garden Plants with Properly Maintenance ( Part 2)

In the first part we have discussed how to care for The Plants Indoor Home Garden especially regarding the placement of plants, related to the needs of sunlight. In this second part we continue to discuss how to watering the right water needs can be fulfilled. In addition we will also discuss about the appropriate fertilizer, so that the needs of plant... [Read more of this article]

How to Care for Indoor Home Garden Plants with Properly Maintenance ( Part 1)

A variety of plants, whether living indoors Home Garden or outdoors home garden, can be a beautiful addition to your home. Treatment and maintenance are generally easy to do. With proper care and maintenance, plants can thrive. Have you been treating your plants right? To be sure you please read this article to find out information related to the right... [Read more of this article]

How To Do Home Gardening

One aspect that makes the home looks beautiful is the home garden. Then How To Do Home Gardening to the beauty we can enjoy? The first step of course we should see the available land. From the availability of land we will be able to determine the appropriate home garden design. If you have a large enough land, you can create a garden house on the front... [Read more of this article]

Beautiful House Garden Design with Topiary Plant

Having a house with a beautiful garden is a dream of every person. Besides beautifying our homes, the garden in front of the house will also greatly help to improve air quality around the house. As we know, many factors that cause air pollution. Especially for those of you who live in affluent urban areas. Therefore, for those of you who are currently... [Read more of this article]

Many types of Minimalist Home Garden Design

Type minimalist house means the house has a home-type limited extent. The house with an area of land that is not too large it is called with a minimalist home. Premises limitations of the land prospective residents should consider various things before starting to build. So that the land area that is not too extensive, then made the latest Model of... [Read more of this article]

Create Footpath Garden for Circulation in The House Garden Design

The presence of the garden could serve as an area that makes the house look beautiful and fresh. Garden are usually made part exterior of the house. To facilitate you when strolling around the garden, you need to create circulation in the form of a Footpath Garden. That way you will not step on the plants at the time to enjoy the garden.  To create... [Read more of this article]

Beautify Your Home by Installing A Decorative Garden Lights

In a garden that needs to be considered not only the selection of plants, but in a package of garden that need to be equipped are additional ornaments such as natural stones, fountains or Ponds and Decorative Garden Lights for lighting source when the night. For garden lamp shape and the material is quite diverse. So you need to choose carefully to... [Read more of this article]

How to Care Containers Garden to Keep Them Fresh and Beautiful

Caring for Containers Garden to keep it beautiful and fresh not a difficult thing . The growth of the plant could be hindered medium pot , Well , to facilitate you in caring for potted plants , here are some ways you can do . · Before Planting Containers Garden need to know the characteristics of the plant . Whether it should be subject to full sun... [Read more of this article]

Tips to Create The Cool and Beautiful Home Garden Design

Do not quickly give up if you find in your home garden filled with plants wilt . Perhaps, you have reduced the time busy planting and maintaining the health of the plants , especially in the summer is erratic . Of course , you need to spend a little time though . About how the steps that need to be taken , consider some of these simple steps to save... [Read more of this article]

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