Saturday, February 16, 2019

Blue Office Room Decoration for Encourage Employee Performance

Friday, January 10 2014

Blue is associated in openness , peace , and tranquility . People who saw this color feel comfortable and not afraid to pull out his creative ideas . Environment dominated by the blue color suitable for brainstorming activities . Psychologically , blue is a color that can provide inspiration . Blue can also create tranquility and the perfect choice for areas that require concentration such as office work space . So , if you want to design a comfortable office workspace and encourage employee performance , you can try to realize the Blue Office Room Design .

Beautiful Blue Office Room Design
To apply the color blend of blue , you can choose blue as the base color is applied to the wall . The atmosphere seemed calm and did not make the eyes tired from working with computers . To give the impression of Comfortable Blue Office Room , blue can combine with neutral colors likes white , brown , and beige .

Staff Office Room In Blue And White Design
White can you apply on the ceiling as well as file storage shelf . Then , chocolate can be presented through the existence furniture workbench , while fitting beige if smeared on the floor . So that the room seemed more in character , black insert for seat work . Indeed, color has an important role in decorating the interior design including Blue Office Room Decoration . This is due to the color effect in impression formation and atmosphere can determine the feelings and emotions of employees . So , it’s good to apply the right colors to create an atmosphere that is capable of supporting performance .

Office Work Space With Blue Color Domination Interior Design

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