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Beautiful House Garden Design with Topiary Plant

Wednesday, March 9 2016

Having a house with a beautiful garden is a dream of every person. Besides beautifying our homes, the garden in front of the house will also greatly help to improve air quality around the house. As we know, many factors that cause air pollution. Especially for those of you who live in affluent urban areas. Therefore, for those of you who are currently building a house, do not forget to include in your plan to set aside a plot of land for home garden design. To obtain a Beautiful House Garden are needed special attention in treatment. Starting from the selection of trees, lies the planting to daily treatment. All that should be considered carefully and adapted to the land that we have included in the selection of the size of the tree. There must be no mistake, because if it is no mistake, it will increase costs to modify or replace it.


On this occasion, we will present Topiary House Garden. As we know, topiary are detainees that are designed with different shapes. Moreover, if the shape is very unique, as well as beautiful, she also has a high artistic value. Topiary can be made by several techniques. For a simple form that we can directly use the leaves of trees that are cut regularly and shaped according to our wishes. The result is like the example shown below.


In addition, there are other techniques that we can use that to form the skeleton is first used iron small-sized so is not difficult to shape. We can assemble the iron into the shape we want, for example the shape of animals, humans and even resembles a certain tree. Setting the framework is complete we do, we just plant trees that we will make topiary. It took until the tree that thrives to cut it in accordance with the framework that we have created. To assist you in making the House Garden with Topiary, below we’ve included some photos topiary unique and beautiful.

Topiary Also Adds Structure To The House Garden  With Spirals And Balls Shape

Photo Gallery of Beautiful House Garden Design with Topiary Plant

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